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The following cookies are available in our bakery select days of the week - specified below. The size of the cookies on this page vary depending on your screen's resolution settings. Their actual cookie size is approximately 4" x 4".

Per Cookie : $1.75
Dozen Cookies : $18

Lemon Drop

Available : Monday
A soft lemon cookie rolled in powdered sugar


Available : Tuesday
Traditional molasses cookie rolled in sugar

Almond Joy

Available : Wednesday
Chocolate chip cookie dough with milk chocolate chip, coconut and almond

Cranberry Bliss

Available : Wednesday
White Chocolate cookie dough with oats & dried cranberries

Black, White & Tan

Available : Thursday
Chocolate chip dough with semi-sweet chocolate chips, butterscotch chips and white chocolate chips

Cupcake Cookie

Available : Thursday
A choice of funfetti or strawberry dough topped off with amazing frosting

Mint Chocolate
Fantasy Fudge

Available : Friday
Chocolate fudge cookie with semi-sweet and mint chocolate chips

White Chocolate
Fantasy Fudge

Available : Friday
Chocolate fudge cookie with semi-sweet and white chocolate chips

White Chocolate

Available : Friday
Chocolate chip dough made with white chocolate chips and pistachios

Chocolate Lovers Fantasy Fudge

Available : Friday
olate fudge cookie with semi-sweet chocolate chips

Oatmeal Butterscotch

Available : Saturday
Oatmeal cookie with butterscotch chips

Please Note : We only use semi-sweet chocolate in our bakery. For your safety, we do not recommend eating our cookies if you are allergic to nuts due to the possibility of our dough coming in contact with nut or nut oils during the mixing process.

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